Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A rare interview with Adrian Erickson of the Erickson Project that hopes to prove the existence of Bigfoot is linked by Cryptomundo follower RW Ridley. But the links don't include the photo capture from a video included in the print edition of the newspaper that conducted the two-part interview. Ridley solves that problem and examines the screen capture through enhancements. Is there anything in the results that makes you believe the image shows a female Bigfoot sleeping under a tree? Elsewhere, Lon Strickler at Phantoms & Monsters uses a 2008 article by David Claerr that employs Claerr's sketch of a mysterious creature made from Claerr's enhancement of the original photograph, as seen in What Was the Beast of Seven Chutes? Claerr's sketch can be viewed at the link to the original article. Is this Canadian cryptid the same creature known as the Dogman of Michigan? Meanwhile, a local newspaper reported on an important revelation made at the Weird Weekend 2011 that took place a few days ago, quoting noted Centre for Fortean Zoology Director Jon Downes about the presence of large felines in the forests of England, as noted in Big Cats Are Still Living in Westcpountry. And out-of-place big cats occupy the attention of noted cryptozoologist and author Loren Coleman in the images and text of Retro-Explaining: Dead Connecticut Cougar Said to Have Been in New York...As Well As Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota and South Dakota!

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