Friday, September 21, 2012

New Photo: Trail Cam Photo of Bigfoot Blasting Through




 Elbe Trackway: Derek Randles, Cliff Barackman, Guy Edwards




 Listen: Mysterious Universe Radio Show Talks About Mount St. Helens Burnt Bigfoot Story




 Exclusive Photographs From Record Breaking "Elbe Trackway" Site




 Possible Wood Ape Photo From Ranchita California




 This Chimp Photo Is So Damn Cute I Turned Gay For 5 Seconds





Two weeks ago, Loren Coleman posted a Russian email about one of Russia's lake monsters, Blackie. Reports are coming from the steppes of Siberia announcing 'Nesskie' to the world. A team of Moscow researchers are gearing up to trawl Lake Labynkyr to uncover its secrets. Should this be a case of mistaken identity, a bathing bigfoot per the images, it won't be the first time. Or maybe, as Glasgow Boy suggests in Russian Lake Monsters, it's just a man in a boat. Pundit Steve Plambeck continues his argument for The Beast With Two Backs. More clues are forthcoming suggesting the subject of the Gray photo is an undiscovered salamander. With the help of Photoshop, Gray's testimony, and an understanding of science, the conclusions are tantalizing for the most jaded cryptozoologist. Meanwhile on dry land, Mannix Porterfield heard through the grapevine that a Bigfoot Search Is Planned In West Virginia. Kris Allen, with help from Animal Planet will be staking out an area in hopes of getting a peek at sasquatch. Kris says he knows his hominology, having encountered sasquatch one time in the Mountain State among other hominids. If all goes well, he'll have another yarn to spin like his most recent encounter in Mannix's article.

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