Saturday, September 22, 2012

Watch This Pig Rescue A Baby Goat [WTF]




 Wild Man Seen Destroying Frogs And Snakes (1870)




 Tim Fasano Plays Spooky Vocalization For Halloween Bigfoot Hunt This October




 Finding Bigfoot Town Hall Meeting Coming To Waterbury CT In October [Season 4]




 Listen Sharon Lee's Interview With Derek Randles About Elbe Trackway




 The Australian Big Cat Study That Wasn’t Mysterious Universe

Peter Walsh has declared the ABCs haunting Oz are no more than misidentified moggies. Andrew Nicholson reports that Walsh declares this to be a 'desktop study', and many cryptozoologists find flaw with its methodology and conclusions. After all, how can one find physical evidence without going out into the field? For one, they wouldn't have revealed Exclusive Photographs From Record Breaking "Elbe Trackway" Site. Thom Powell and crew share their findings and images, including some of the clearest prints to date. Don't dismiss the concept of 'desktop study'. Evidenced by Nick Redfern's Seeking The Sinister Shug Monkey this can be an asset. Rendlesham forest's British Bigfoot is described in detail by Sam Holland with plenty of background on this crypto-chimaera. Nick doesn't stop there. Delving deeper into his beshadowed library, he learns what it takes to change From Man To Animal. He finds many accounts suggesting that black hounds, werewolves, and their kin are manifestations of a sleeping or dead human soul. Just as bizarre, but grounded in reality is Karl Shuker who finds glee in Unmasking The Moonrat - A Hairy Hedgehog The Size Of A Cat! Dr. Shuker profiles this odd little beast, who may as well hail from our moon, and its cultural impact beyond the shores of Borneo. Wrapping up our sideshow, Sharon Hill exclaims, "Heads Up, On Both Ends!" Really Strange Two-Headed Snake has been discovered in South Carolina. Not just any two-headed snake, but an ophidian pushmepullyou begging one question, "How does it poop?" With pictures and video!

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