Monday, September 17, 2012

Watch Les Stroud Talk About His Bigfoot Encounter On Discovery Channel




 Watch Mike Rugg Talk About This Month's Reported Bigfoot Sightings




 M.K. Davis Releases Video of Bigfoot Climbing Over Fence




 Les Stroud Talks About Bigfoot Encounter On Tonight's Survivorman Episode (Update: Preview Clip)




 Listen to Uncensored Review of the M.K. Davis White Bigfoot Footage




 FB/FB's Interview With Bigfoot War Author Eric Brown




 Anonymous Former National Guardsman Claims Mount St. Helens Burnt Bigfoot Story Happened Bigfoot Evidence

The former guardsman tells a progressively wilder tale of rescuing a family of Bigfoots from a fire burning out of control in Nevada in 1999. Not only was the military fully involved, but one of them communicated with the "chief" Bigfoot in a strange spoken language. Of course it's from an anonymous source and of course it's of dubious origin. Much like the bluriness of Bigfoot himself, that has become a hallmark of Bigfoot sightings. It appears that China has finally caught on to the potential of luring in tourist via their hottest new celeb, the Yeren and it's One Big Foot For Hubei and plenty of tourist dollars for China's economy.

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