Wednesday, September 19, 2012

This Mangy Bear Looks a Lot Like The "Jacobs Creature"




 Extremely Detailed Account Of A Run In With A Wild Man (1879)




 Finally, A Dating Site For Bigfooters! (Repost)




 This Strange Footprint is 4ft Long




 Talk Like a Pirate Day includes Bigfoot




 Tim Dinsdale, Nessie And The Paranormal Loch Ness Monster

Tim Dinsdale never came out and explicitly stated the belief that Nessie was spiritual by nature. Glasgow Boy has an abiding interest in the topic, giving a biography of Dinsdale with his paranormal prejudices superceding biological theories haunting this lake. Less tangible, but no less frightening, are some Photos: Pinellas Park, Florida Haunting sent in by David Garrison. There's no surprise that this woman's home is near an ancient Indian burial ground. Micah Hanks likes a good scare, too, and he shares his visions inAn Ode to Terror: The Steiger Effect. He, rightfully, gushes about the updatedReal Ghosts, Restless Spirits, and Haunted Places, which is certain to chill one's blood, while profiling Brad Steiger's colorful life. Rounding out our eerie articles, Jack Brewer completes his essay on Science Vs. Sensationalism. It's best summed up by the Sagan Standard, "Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence" often forgotten in the serious pursuit of forteana.

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