Friday, September 14, 2012

Watch This Possible Bigfoot Encounter In Europe at a Place That Sounds Like Todd Standing's Sylvanic (Updated)




 M.K. Davis Applies "False Color" Technique To Enhance Patty




 Joe Black Used Blurity to Deblur Bigfoot Image With Great Results




 Blurity Fixes Blurry Photos, Will Also Expose Hoaxers




 It Was Only A Matter Of Time: Everybody's Now Doing The Matt Moneymaker Howl




 COT - Message from my enemy




 Matt Moneymaker Interviewed on Popular Australian TV Show About Yowies And Bigfoot




 Watch This Unbiased Online Course On Bigfoot




  This Is the World’s Newest Monkey Species, Not a Werewolf




 Bigfoots are residents of the Goblin Universe says author




 Remarkable New Monkey Discovered In Remote Congo Rainforest Mongabay

"There are monkeys out there between the three rivers that no one recognizes. They are not in our field guides," says Terese Hart, whose husband, John, first came across the new species in June 2007 when he and a field team were shown a captive baby lesula, kept as a pet by the local school director's daughter in the remote village of Opala. That makes it a true cryptozoological find. And you have to see the photos of this new monkey: look at that face! In other news, Karl Shuker tells the story of a highly distinctive bird that bore no convincing resemblance to any known species in Leguatia Gigantea - The Giant Bird That Never Was? Also in ornithological limbo is Mothman, the subject of the 10th anniversary of the Mothman Festival in Point Pleasant, West Virginia, this weekend. It turns out that Canada also seems to be on this creature's world itinerary, as you will read in It's a Bird, It's a Plane...

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