Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Juvenile Bigfoot Purportedly Hit By a Car in JC Johnson's Research Area




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 An executive for a large multinational corporation has no reason to lie about seeing Bigfoot




 Could Bigfoot be a bear with a mental illness?




 Teen Captures Alleged Bigfoot Howls On Video After Experiencing Rock Throwing And Finding Large Footprints




 This is a Fisher, Not a Werewolf




 Bigfoot Encounter In Daniel Boone National Forest Bigfoot Lunch Club

A woman on the public Bigfoot hunt we mentioned earlier this week paid her $75 fee and was determined to spot a Sasquatch. She was successful on her mission, so she says. The psychic "animal communicator" says that she saw a Bigfoot running away from the group and she chased after him because she "wanted to talk to him." This story writes its own punchlines. Where does one go when one urgently needs a Bigfoot hunter? Craigslist, of course! Wanted: Bigfoot Researcher details the job requirements for the position of researcher, including the collection of hair and dung and spending "several nights" in the wilderness of New York. We can only hope that the job perks include a magical camera that unblurs Sasquatch. Shifting gears a bit and traveling further west, Dale Drinnon brings usAnother 4 Corners Giant Lizard Report, this one from an eyewitness to claims to have seen 3-to-4 -foot-tall iguanas near sheep pens. A local legend tells of a giant lizard that makes an appearance once every hundred years.

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