Monday, September 10, 2012

TBRC's Analysis of Possible Wood Ape Hair That Was Recently Sent to Dr. Sykes




 Exclusive: COT (The Chicken of Truth) Interviews Dr. Meldrum About The Bigfoot DNA Study




 Bigfoot Academic, Dr. Jeff Meldrum Interviewed by a Chicken




 Nessie on Land: The Harvey-MacDonald Case Loch Ness Monster

On occasion, Nessie has hauled her gigantic self up out of the Loch and waddled onto dry land, understandably startling and frightening witnesses nearby. Glasgow Boy dissects one such case from 1934 in which two girls caught a glimpse of a huge beast crossing a road near the water. Skeptics dismissed the sighting as an otter, but it would be rather difficult to mistake a 10 foot tall dinosaur-like creature for a diminutive otter scampering along. In related otter news, Cryptomundo reluctantly reports the news of Japanese River Otter Extinction. One species of creature that will never have to fear extinction is the human known as a Bigfoot hunter. They seem to be multiplying with great gusto in many locations. Recently, a large tribe of Bigfoot hunters gather[ed] in Morehead, Kentucky for a public Bigfoot hunt where you could buy prefab "Bigfoot Hunter Kits" and how-to books. Not surprising as everyone knows the best way to corner a Sasquatch is to tromp through the woods with as many people as possible, being as loud as possible. Bonus points for yelling, "Did you hear that/see that?" every 10 minutes.

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