Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Future Of Cryptozoology Mysterious Universe
From advising budding UFOlogists, to writing commandments into stone for paranormal TV, Nick Redfern's out to change the world for the better. After all this planet is increasingly crowded, habitats shrinking, but cryptids have a 100% success rate despite having nowhere to hide. All Nick wants is one simple and elusive thing. Hard evidence. Yet the field research of a thousand steps begins with a book. Peering over the stacks of his formidable library, Karl Shuker is busy hunting down The Pink-Tusked Black Elephant - A Forgotten Chinese Puzzle. The question at hand is if this was a discrete subspecies or a misnamed ancestor of Elephas maximus indicus. We haven't forgotten about The Professor who soldiers forth atop his mumak, linger On The Margins Of Cryptozoology, Part Last, He Thinks. Prof continues pondering the persistence of pachyderms in the new world. The latest evidence is the fantastic account of David Ingram who may have met a brace of mammoths on his journey from Mexico to Nova Scotia. The account seems too good to be true, but Prof's summation of the evidence suggests where there's smoke, there is fire. Those flames tend to be the best weapon against supernatural creatures like Real Wolfmen, when the price of silver is so dear nowadays. John Rimmer reviews Linda Godfrey's eponymous book, taking a serious look at an oft-ignored subset of cryptids in dire need of further inquiry.

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