Friday, July 20, 2012

M.K. Davis Stabilizes Marble Mountain Footage

What Happened To Timmy The Skeptic?

Listen To Joe Rogan and Bobo Talk About Undiscovered Primates, Sasquatch DNA Samples, and Paul Freeman [Short Clip]

Glasgow Boy laments the fact that the tide seems to have turned on Loch Ness sightings toward the direction of skepticism and outright ridicule, preventing most people from reporting their encounters. We'd like to point out to Glasgow Boy that he is doing an absolutely outstanding job of being a trusted source of Loch Ness Monster information and hopefully, people will turn to him and others like him to report their sightings. The RCMP has surfaced for the second time in two days, this time in a report from 1972 in Victoria, BC, concerning a humanoid "monster" chasing two teenage boys at Thetis Lake. The Thetis Lake Theories range from an escaped pet lizard to an actual Black Lagoon-esque creature. Perhaps the RCMP is an untapped well of paranormal experiences?

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