Saturday, July 21, 2012

Tim Fasano Slams Matt Moneymaker For Comments On Colorado Shooting

Why Has Nobody Found a Bigfoot Body?

Cyriaque Lamar has the good taste to refrain from saying, "Goatman is the hunter that Utah deserves, not the one it needs right now." Park officials and enthusiasts remain puzzled over this being, whether it's a confused soul yiffing in the high country or... nah, it's a guy in a suit. In more serious news, Bigfoot Evidence has some Brand Spanking New Photos Of Bigfoot Tracks From Salt Fork, Ohio through the magic of Twitter. Tracks of an adult and two juveniles have been making the rounds in 140 characters or less. (If you haven't noticed, The Anomalist now has a presence on Twitter, anomalistnews. Follow us today, we won't bite.) Unlike Oz's resident cryptid, which is deserving of its own reality program When Yowies Attack!, our man in the outback, Andrew Nicholson, reminds us that there's a reason why critters remain elusive. He provides a handful of anecdotes from people who barely escaped with their lives from this hominid. Some reader mail from Sweden has captured Dale Drinnon's imagination, compelling him to wax poetic upon Scandinavian Trolls. Next up, Malcolm Smith knows there are more cryptids in our seas. The account of Simon Moir is clear: he didn't see a whale shark nor a teleost, yet something big that has everyone asking "What Was That Big Fish?" Bringing up the rear, Matt Driscoll notes the Ontario Cougar Mystery Deepens after the recent shooting of said felid, the first in more than a century. Was this someone's pet, or are these cats re-establishing their terrain?

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