Monday, July 16, 2012

Mysterious Animal, Devouring Dogs, Spreads Terror





The Bigfoot Whisperer - Patterson Gimlin Film Breakdown [Humor]





Strange Man Claims Bigfoot Is An All Terrain Vehicle For Aliens





David Claerr warns Bigfoot hunters of the risks associated with hunting the cryptid beast, beyond the obvious risks of pursuing an 8 foot tall creature who does not want to be bothered. Claerr cautions that microbes carried on Bigfoot hair and scat might harbor disease that humans are not immune to. Bigfoot Evidence contributor, Snowhorse has An Explanation Of Bigfoot Eye Shine. Unless Bigfoot is posing for a photo only a few feet from the camera, red eyeshine effect is not possible. Snowhorse suggests that most eyeshine attributed to lurking Bigfoot is actually misidentification of owls and other animals who do give off eyeshine. Meanwhile, Who Forted explores the possible explanations for an ever more elusive creature, Classic Cryptid: The Legend of the Jersey Devil (Pt. 3) Possible identities of the the Jersey Devil range from a species of fruit bat, pterodactyl, dragon or the original and most entertaining urban legend of demon-posessed baby. And finallly, Nick Redfern goes In Search of Real Wolfmen with Linda Godfrey's new book on the subject. 

Looks like They Like Berries

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