Thursday, July 19, 2012

How The Term "The Sierra Kills" Was Coined

Kentucky Bigfoot Photo: Real or Fake?

Cliff Barackman To Give Keynote Presentation At FLIR's Annual Technology Conference

Hawaii has been invaded by tiny, cute aliens. Well, alien enough that even biologists aren't sure what they are but suspect they are a species of crab that normally does not surface in that stage of life. Speaking of alien creatures, Damien Bravo introduces us to India's version of Sasquatch, the The Mande Burung (Jungle Man) of India. The Mande Burung more closely resembles a gorilla but remains upright and has a slightly pointy head that seems to echo that of the Yeti. It is refered to as a "hairy man" by people who have spotted the Mande Burung. Meanwhile, Sports writer Scott Sandsberry announces the end of his year-long foray into the world of Bigfoot reporting and admits that "Even after all the interviews and research, I still don't know about Bigfoot's existence." Sandsberry accidentally stumbled into the subject of Bigfoot and decided it would make a good one-off story but found himself intrigued and his interest led him to conduct several interviews and investigate the subject in-depth on his sports blog. He gave Bigfoot research a wider, more diverse audience and uncovered some new eyewitness accounts as a result. His contributions will be missed. And finally, a photo of a giant owl has residents of a Texas town talking about old Native American legends as the Legend of "Lechuza" Possibly Seen In Carrizo Springs, Texas, but we aren't entirely on board with this blurry, slightly out of focus evidence. As the old saying goes, everything is bigger in Texas...including the hoaxes.

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