Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Baby Chimp Recently Mauled To Death In Front Of Zoo Visitors In Los Angeles





Cajun Justice Episode About Shape-Shifting Swamp Monster Airing June 28th On A&E





And The Bigfoot Statue Goes To... Joey?!





Bigfoot Chicks: Bigfoot is in front of you. What do you do?





Co-operation Will Most Likely End In Success





Watch This Deer In Sweden With "Gnarly Cactus" Disease [Weird]





Epoch Times: Three Human Species Theory





A seemingly far-fetched explanation at first glance, but after reading the details behind some of the disappearances and also after reading David Paulides' Missing 411, Sasquatch doesn't seem too far from the realm of possibility. A comparison of the missing cases from the Highway of Tears and the cases in Missing 411 might reveal some interesting correlations. One case in particular, the most recent abduction (2011) in BC has all the hallmarks of the strange disappearances presented in Paulides' research including an undisturbed campsite and no sign of a struggle. Coast to Coast recently interviewed David Paulides about these Odd Disappearances. 
Sometimes the researchers achieve their goal of convincing their skeptical peers that Sasquatch does indeed exist, as Jeff Meldrum and the producer of "Legend Meets Science" Doug Hajicek recall a profound moment with skeptic Daris Swindler, anthropology professor at the University of Washington. When confronted with the famous Skookum foot and buttock print cast, Hajicek remembers that the professor wept as he admitted that Bigfoot was real. It's unfortunate that other cryptid mysteries don't leave such convincing evidence, such as the mythic Thunderbird sighted throughout the western US. Loren Coleman discusses the prevailing theory about Thunderbirds: Species Origin?

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