Friday, June 29, 2012

Phone Call To University of Colorado in Denver Confirms The Burnt Bigfoot Found Is Not True (Update)




An Update From The Colorado Springs Burnt Bigfoot Story, Conference At 3PM?





Awesome Teaser From Utah About Two Bigfoot Encounters, But You'll Never See The Full Cut





Photo Of The Day: The Battle Of Ape Canyon





Retired Park Ranger Walter Higgins Is Back, Footage Of Attack Still Not Made Available





Gerald Ford The Bigfoot Chaser?





A Kentucky man recalls his 2008 encounter with a gigantic, hairy primate at a dumping site and it is truly a frightening experience, especially his reaction to the creature's bellowing "scolding", which was to have an overwhelming urge to crouch down on the ground next to his car and curl up like a prey animal. The encounter also resulted in shots fired, but luckily the only causality was the terrified man's car. Bigfoot Evidence also lives up to its name and shows us some intriguing evidence of Bigfoot in the form of Centuries Old Pictograph Of "Hairy Man" From Central California on a cave wall that seems to depict 8 foot tall human-like shaggy figures. The pictographs date back 1000 years.


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