Sunday, June 24, 2012

Here It Is, The Trailer For SyFy Channel's Bigfoot Movie





Get Yours Today: Sasquatch track replicas by Dr.Jeff Meldrum





Chit chatting with a Skeptic





We Have Officially Launched The Bigfoot Evidence Facebook Fan Page





Robert Lindsay: Images Of Bigfoot Stealing Pancakes





Robert Lindsay: One Melissa Hovey Photo Reportedly Shows Half Of Bigfoot's Face





WATCH SyFy Bigfoot Movie Trailer





Nearly 88 million Americans believe there are sasquatches wandering the wilderness. They're not alone, as Natalie Wolchover finds, since diverse countries like Russia and Malaysia have their own hairy hominid traditions. She looks into the wild man archetype, its influence upon human culture that affects us on a fundamental level. (For a more in-depth cryptozoological answer to the question, check out The Field Guide To Bigfoot And Other Mystery Primates.) From the macrocosm to the microcosm, Fiona Broome has more than you can handle when it comes to Fairies, Blithe And Antic. Fiona celebrates the Good Folk, the legend and legacy behind them, along with our understandings of their nature which may mirror our own. Also, don't forget that everyone is cordially invited to join our humble Anomalist Facebook Group for upcoming stories and others we missed during the week.

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