Saturday, June 30, 2012

Oh, Canada: What's More Rare In British Columbia? Full-Time Park Rangers Or Bigfoot?

Stealing Acorn Meal from Yokut’s First Nation Woman [Bigfoot Legends & Stories]

Watch A Real-Life "Bigfoot Whisperer" Demonstrate To Us Why He's One Of The Best

Check Out These Giant Foot Prints Compared To An 11 Inch Metal Detector Coil [Video]

Photo Of The Day: Street View Bigfoot?

China’s Yeti Is Protected By The Chinese Government And Three Officials Swear They Saw One

No Burnt Bigfoot News Conference, But 19% Of People Believed There Would Be

Media Blitz for Tonight's SyFy Bigfoot Movie Staring Barry Williams and Danny Bonaduce

LISTEN to Finding Bigfoot's Bobo Interviewed Tomorrow

Seeing isn't always believing, even with the bleary eye of television. Joining the chorus of "The emperor has no clothes" is Glasgow Boy, having seen Loch Ness Investigated. He doesn't take issue with skepticism of the strange, zealous belief of the bizarre, but the twisting of truth. Confusion does no one any good, except for the advertisers. In other lies, Damian Bravo's Phone Call To University Of Colorado In Denver Confirms The Burnt Bigfoot Found Is Not True (Update). Shawn posted two articles about a story from other sources claiming a burned bigfoot is convalescing in Colorado. It's nice that Bigfoot Evidence is staying true to journalistic integrity. Out in the wilderness, Scott Carpenter didn't find what he was looking for. There is validation that Monsters Are Real - The Dogman is more than sasquatch's best friend. He shares everything, except the video, relating his numerous encounters with these cynocephalids. Should you feel that you're not familiar with the menagerie of Crypto USA, Peter Rogerson has a few recommendations. His selection of books cover the Mid-Atlantic states of Pennsylvania, Maryland, and the Old Dominion of Virginia. He discovers these are fine field guides of folklore, a starting point for a weekend in the woods.

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