Friday, April 27, 2012

Bigfoot Evidence: Photos of the day: Army Corp. Engineers Acknowledges Sasquatch, Cliff Barackman Cl

 Bigfoot Evidence: Loren Coleman Resigns From TBRC Over Pro-Kill Stance, Ketchum Camp Pushes Forward.

 Latest Bigfoot News | Bigfoot Lunch Club: Melba Ketchum Has a History of Failing to Deliver DNA Resu

 Bigfoot Evidence: A Glimpse Into The World of One Bigfoot Habituation, Or Type-2 Bigfoot Contact

 Bigfoot Evidence: Dr. Melba Ketchum Assures Followers That Her Bigfoot DNA Study Is No Hoax

Autumn Williams shares a different point of view on Bigfoot hunting from a psychological angle, citing basic human nature as reasons why capturing evidence of Bigfoot is so difficult. She explains how she thinks fear and also Psychology in Bigfooting-Control play a big role in the pursuit of Bigfoot, and states the undeniable fact that "You can't leave your personality at home", referring to ego and fear. We agree. Along the same lines, Sharon Hill at CSICOP points out the fallacy in Bigfoot "facts" and tells us You are not entitled to your own Bigfoot facts. Anyone can become an expert in a field with no constraints or rules, she says. The facts published by Bigfoot hunters such as the crew of Finding Bigfoot are not facts in the true definition of the term as most of them do not have evidence to back them up, only supposition. In less controversial news today, The Portland Press Herald pays a visit to Loren Coleman's museum in honor of Obscura Day, a day we've never heard of because it's apparently too...obscure. Obscura Day celebrates the Offbeat: Oddly Intriguing and Coleman's cryptozoological museum certainly fits the bill. In the interview, he clears up the misconception of what he does and what cryptozoology really is. It's not the hunt for only extinct animals, but also hidden and undiscovered animals. In a perfect example of what Coleman refers to, Imogen Reed recounts a Gaelic mystery of Wee Sleekit Cow'rin Tim'rous Beasties that wander the Scottish Highlands. The elusive beast called a lavellan resembles a shrew in size and shape but apparently that's where the comparison stops as the lavellan can kill a cow dead from 100 feet away via poison shot from its mouth, which is one of its more fantastic talents. Beyond its folkloric history, the lavellan may be an actual creature yet undiscovered but with a more likely mundane description. And finally, Beachcombing of Strange History reports on Fairy Shysters, individuals who had the rare talent of separating gullible people from their hard-earned money by claiming the missing family members of a grief-stricken family were actually kidnapped by fairies who would return the missing folks for a small fee. 

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