Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Man Complains About People Believing In Bigfoot, Made Rick Dyer Laugh





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Eyewitness Interview For The Movie Skookum




The trend in media this week seems to be reporters tagging along on Bigfoot hunts as we have two separate reports on the same subject. NY Times writer Amanda Petrusich rides along with the Finding Bigfoot crew in Florida. The number one rule in Bigfoot hunting is "Don't freak out", she was told. The hunt had the usual result of not producing any evidence of Bigfoot, but Petrusich was impressed with the team's enthusiasm. On the other side of the US, writer Aaron Carnes goes Hunting for Bigfoot in the Santa Cruz Mountains with the founder of the Bigfoot Discovery Museum, Michael Rugg. Rugg is an extremely dedicated Bigfoot hunter and says his obsession began with a childhood encounter in 1950 on a camping trip. Since that time, Rugg has collected a museum's worth of evidence and information and Carnes calls him a "walking Bigfoot encyclopedia". It's refreshing to hear from a Bigfoot hunter who isn't running through the woods yelling and knocking on trees in front of tv cameras. We want to hear more from Rugg. In other cryptozoology news, a Mysterious 'monster' discovered by amateur paleontologist has baffled scientists wondering what on earth this creature could have been. The seven foot long fossil was found in Cincinnati and does not resemble any creature scientists have ever seen before as it is lobed and covered with bizarre nodules. The only thing definite is that it is biological in nature and may have resembled a tree or bush. Research is ongoing. 

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