Monday, April 23, 2012

Florida Man Files Lawsuit Against Cryptomundo and Matt Moneymaker For Defamation





The Ketchum Camp Answers To Rumors About October Publication Date [Bigfoot DNA]





Train Hopping Bigfoot





As expected, much skepticism surrounds the newly discovered sonar image from Loch Ness. Loren Coleman asks: is it a marketing ploy? With a newly launched Loch Ness Cruise and other businesses along the shore, it's hard not to be less than convinced that Nessie has posed for a new photo, especially when you learn that the person behind the photo is also the same person behind the new Cruise. Meanwhile in even worse fakery news, New Footage: Bigfoot Filmed Walking In Background While Kid Falls Off Skateboard and the only thing worse than the badly faked "guy in a suit" effect is the awful acting done by the two kids. We can safely say that neither has much of a future in videography or scooter stuntman. Nick Redfern has Reviewed: The Beast of Boggy Creek and was impressed with the well-researched work that as Redfern describes, reads like a horror novel. The Beast has been terrorizing the Boggy Creek area for much longer than was originally assumed. 

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