Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Who Will Be the Next Generation's Star Bigfoot Hunters?





Matt Moneymaker Blocked A Guy On Twitter For Asking About Sierra Kills





Dr. Melba Ketchum Shares Photo Of Sticks, Says Sasquatches Are Playful





Vote Whether a Bigfoot Video Is Real or Fake





Listen To M.K. Davis on "Inspired by Bigfoot", Tonight at 7PM Central





Dr Ketchum, author of the upcoming Bigfoot DNA paper, has taken a photo of a pile of sticks that appear to have been arranged in a specific way. She claims that she has spotted a "family of five" and that they are playful. Apparently, Bigfoot has the amazing power to blur photos of anything slightly Bigfoot related. Another crypto-beast who enjoys posing for blurry photos must be enjoying her recent popularity in the news as Nessie Sonar controversy goes on. Glasgow Boy defends the recent evidence and also the man who is responsible for it and addresses every skeptical point made against it. On a lighter note, Dr. Karl Shuker discusses St George and a Very Polymorphic Dragon and rounds up a beautiful collection of paintings of the various portrayals of the dragon St. George conquered. 

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