Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Bigfoot Field Researchers Do Not Collect Enough Data

Craig Woolheater posts the latest word from Robert Lindsay concerning a DVD project that's part of the overall Erickson Project that is assembling information, including DNA testing, concerning the presence of Bigfoot in the North American wilderness. Adrian Erickson has decided to include an alleged Yeti clip from Russia in the DVD, and you can see the Russian clip in Woolheater's post. An entirely different type of cryptid is featured in Dr. Beachcombing's latest historical look into the newspaper past of the United Kingdom, and you'll find the tale in An Aberystwyth Mermaid, which includes a colorful photograph. That photograph and the text Beachcombing dredged up probably won't appear in the latest literary effort of Dr. Karl Shuker who reports a feature of a popular British newspaper gives his work mention, along with several other books, in The Encyclopaedia of New and Rediscovered Animals - Featured in The Guardian before pointing you to the actual review at Birdbooker Report 209. There's more from the British press and blogs from here and there in Jon Downes's compilation of the latest Big Cat News: It's a Strange and Small World, and a felid that is apparently only a danger to coffee beans has turned up in Britain, too, as revealed in Mystery How Asian Jungle 'Cat' Came to be Living Wild in North Cumbria. Meanwhile, Robin comes to the defense of people who are on the track of unknown animals, including herself, with On Being a "Cryptozoologist".

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