Monday, February 13, 2012

Man Calls In To Complain About BuzzBin's Coverage Of Ohio Bigfoot Game Cam Coverage

News last year of the shooting of two Bigfoots in California has continued to rattle the Bigfoot research community. Robert Lindsay now says he has had four lines of comment from a "source" that indicates something "big" is about to break on that story, but the source can't let Lindsay know what the big news is. Lindsay then tries to analyze the entire story in seeking to identify the big news. What ensues is mostly of the "he said, she said" type report, but there are some points to be made. To help make it all a bit clearer, Dale Drinnon has posted the entire timeline from Lindsay's website as constructed last summer, offered as Chronology of the Recent Bigfoot Shooting Story. And Drinnon has commentary that should be frightening for the shooter, if the incident really happened as claimed. Were the two Bigfoots killed in California actually a form of human? Could the shooter face charges? While all this is going on, Bigfoot television programming marches on its merry way with a tale of the latest show from the most popular program in the genre, as seen in The Most Fascinating Two Square Miles in the Eastern United States, Jordan Wright's possibly misdated account of the show's broadcast that goes into some excellent history of an area made famous by its salt, a mineral that attracts many animals, including man and, possibly, Bigfoot. Elsewhere, a recent news story from Africa is revisited in Muirhead's Mysteries: Mermaids Delay Reservoir Projects in Zimbabwe, leaving us with what could become the official cry of cryptozoology and many other high strangeness investigations: Muirhead's Mysteries: "The only way to solve the problem is to brew traditional beer and carry out rites to appease the spirits." We wonder if that would get the hunter off the hook in the Sierra Kills case?

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