Friday, February 17, 2012

Finding Bigfoot Producer Says "San Juan Mountain Bigfoot" Footage Appears To Be Authentic

David Claerr Prepares For Ketchum Bigfoot DNA Study By Laying Groundwork For Analysis Of The Structural Anatomy Of Bigfoot

Mike Rugg Wants People To Stop Shooting At Bigfoot

How Bigfoot May Have Saved A Man From Hypothermia

Breaking: Rick Dyer's RV Trailer In Flames Near Deltona, Florida

Georgia Bigfoot Hoaxer's RV Catches Fire While Looking for Bigfoot

Bigfoot Bones: Sasquatch Skeleton Analyzed and Compared to Human

Bigfoot Trackers’ RV Burns; Closes I-4

Melba Ketchum: Sasquatch DNA Project Update

Coming Soon! The Beast of Boggy Creek: The True Story of the Fouke Monster

New Reviews: 2012’s International Cryptozoology Museum

More storied than the legendary Mississippi, the Sacramento River's banks are littered with legends of ghosts, giant salamanders, and wayward mothmen. In this video story, Paul Dale Roberts is our tour guide along the weird waterway. Even the newsman gets spooked. As everyone knows the west is the best, and the east is the beast, which is apt after the emergence of a New Mystery Cat Photo: A Connecticut Cougar? Loren Coleman shows a pair of pictures that make the denials look perfunctory, as officials scramble to track down this mystery beast. Even stranger are the alien big cats that stalk the outback. Darren Nash has a review of Williams and Lang’s Australian Big Cats: Do Pumas, Giant Feral Cats and Mystery Marsupials Stalk the Australian Outback? The answer is undeniable, considering the mountain of proof and photos that have been gathered over decades. Of course Oz hasn't cornered the market on cryptids as you'll see in light of some Ohio Pterosaur Sightings, which have been casting long shadows over the Buckeye State. Should you find yourself feeling plucky and hoping to hunt the mother of all monsters, there are Some Things Nessie Witnesses Must Avoid! A tongue in cheek digression that admonishes "damned if you do." Bringing up the rear of this menagerie is news about DNA And Fiber Samples From Snelgrove Lake, Ontario Included In Ketchum Study that doesn't match the genetic profile of known local wildlife while being one-off from non-hairy homonids. Though these samples came from a makeshift beartrap, it looks like Animal Planet's Monster Sleuths Go High-Tech To Catch Legendary Man-Beast. They're taking a cue from ghost-hunting cousins who break the bank to pull out all the stops in hopes of finally putting the skeptics in their place. It's definitely hip, and definitely not science.

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