Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Robert Lindsay Reviews Last Night's MNBRT Radio Interview With Bart Cutino, Thinks Bart Speaks Gooder English Than Most Bigfooters

Give Facebook Find Bigfoot Guy twelve minutes, and he'll give you an incidental Sasquatch sighting, analyzing the video, as well. And another television show, this time one dedicated to the search for Bigfoot, produced the information included in Cliff Barackman's Virginia Field Notes Reveal Photo Of Car Dented By Possible Bigfoot Collision from last October. Elsewhere, David D calls forth visions of the ogreish creatures you read about as a child in Why Bigfoot is a Troll, laying out his reasoning for the assertion in a careful manner. Are you convinced? Dale Drinnon addresses a similar creature, working in the South American "Mapinguari" and the dreaded Chupacabras with what seems to have appeared in the diet of early European settlers of the area described in West Indian "Devils" [Yahus], and Drinnon re-posts and critiques a recent offering from Chris Parker inThree Cryptozoological Mysteries. There's also news from the legendary waters where one of the world's most famous cryptids stirs the depths, reported by Roland Watson in Is There Enough Food for Nessie? And Loren Coleman checks in with an update on the recent claim of a surviving member of the megafauna seen in Mammoth Footage was Faked.

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