Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Sierra Kills: This post from Taxidermy.net was where it all began [Bigfoot Shooting]

Destination Truth marathon on Syfy right now [Yeti Video]

Holy Macro Batman! We're on a top 10 list Bigfoot websites!

Kentucky is where Bigfooting is at

Some Post-Thanksgiving Leftovers Frontiers of Zoology
Following the American Thanksgiving holiday, Dale Drinnon offers afterthoughts on subjects as wide ranging as chupacabras, giant bats, Thunderbirds, seaborne eggs of the giant Elephantbird and more. Meanwhile, Russell A. Graves works his own boyhood thoughts of the elusive manlike creature said to walk the woods of North America into his explanation of the quest of some Texas searchers he describes in Sasquatch Stalkers. Elsewhere, Loren Coleman pulls up a newspaper account from 1937 that begs the question of whether strange screams and prowlings around Boonville, IN, in that year were an indication of a Giant Sloth in Ohio River Valley? And, since you were no doubt wondering where you could find such elusive information, Coleman offers his expertise as the Director of the International Cryptozoology Museum in selecting some unusual collectibles, including one you make yourself, as seen in an excellent display of images and accompanying text within The Field Guide to Coelacanth Replicas.

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