Monday, November 28, 2011

Bigfoot Money [Humor]

A brief history of Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy, the guys who shot at Bigfoot

How to Find Sasquatch by Larry Markwarts [Video]

Account of Chinese government teaching language to the Yeti

Thinking of getting your love ones a Bigfoot book for Christmas? Check out this deal for a Kindle Fire e-book reader

Tim Fasano sees "obvious fake" in TimberGiantBigfoot's latest 'Bigfoot' video

A Bigfoot in Vancouver, Canada People's Daily Online
The voice of the government in the People's Republic of China has taken notice of claims that arose from the October conference in Russia that was arranged to draw together experts on the Bigfoot/Yeti phenomenon and seemed, instead, to aim its efforts at sparking tourism for the area of Kemerovo, Siberia. Meanwhile, the approach of the year's end sees the beginning of what is nearly certain to become a long list of superlatives, led by Loren Coleman's assembly of the Top Ten Coelacanth Stories of 2011. Coleman also has a report that shows all the world's animals haven't yet been discovered, one of the tenets that gives impetus to cryptozoologists everywhere, exemplified in New Ferret-Badger Confirmed Discovered in Vietnam. And the activities of known animals in unusual places is highlighted in Coleman's explanation of a New Jaguar Sighted in Arizona. Also, a new report of an extinct creature that has entered the cryptid realm due to alleged sightings and other evidence of its continued presence reveals Tasmanian Tiger Wrongfully Hunted to Extinction.

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