Thursday, December 01, 2011

Sasquatch provides lessons and friendship in 'Letters from the Big Man'
It is also a surreal trip into a place where the legendary beast Sasquatch seemed to be alive and kicking. Film critic Jonathan Miller offered his review. Letters from the Big Man begins Friday night at Facets Cinémathèque. The film will screen through ...
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Letters from the Big Man
Time Out Chicago
We can, though: A giant ape—maybe Sasquatch himself—watches over her, a guardian angel of sorts. But Letters from the Big Man is not the kind of movie that expects its heroine to turn Fay Wray. Quiet, absorbing and more than a little cryptic, ...
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Cryptid Alert! Bigfoot!

Weekly Alibi (blog) - 6 hours ago
Legendary yeti hunter Ivan Marx will now share some exciting words about North America's favorite ape thing. Finally, there's something about the yeti that ...

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