Friday, December 02, 2011

The X Species - The San Juan Incident: Bigfoot [Free Streaming Movie]

The more poop a chimp throws, the smarter it is [Science]

Larry Surface: A statement about my video, and the world of Bigfoot critics [Guest Post]

Roger Ebert explains what the "Letters" are in "Letters from the Big Man" [Bigfoot Movie]

North America Bigfoot Search group gives advice on how to take a Bigfoot specimen

Mike Williams interviews the Australian Yowie hunter on video about an encounter that took place fifteen months ago, an event Dean Harrison says changed his entire method of searching for the mysterious Australian creature that parallels the North American Bigfoot. And North America's favorite cryptid features in the video footage of North Carolina Bigfoot Field Research Organization member Jason Vogan's report of an encounter explained with Bigfoot Sighting During North Georgia Expedition. Claims of the shootings of a Bigfoot in California continue with the reports "Sierra Kills" Shooter's Original Online Post Recovered and Sierra Kills: Tom Biscardi Offering $50,000 for Justin Smeja's Bigfoot Steak. Meanwhile, Loren Coleman offers perspective on the entire field that embraces the search for unknown animals in Flashback: Cryptozoological Predictions for the 21st Century. Also, Jon Downs and the crew at the Centre for Fortean Cryptozoology are up with their monthly video offering, to be seen in On the Track (of Unknown Animals) Episode 52.

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