Friday, November 18, 2011

Cowboy-hat-wearing cryptozoologist Ken Gerhard explains why we can't find Bigfoot's body

Canadian Bigfoot Hunter found blood on a tree twist and he ain't calling Dr. Ketchum [Video]

Sasquatch charges witness after son fires shotgun near Blackstone in Brunswick County, VA (Audio included)

Erickson Project founder legal woes and how much he spent on Bigfoot DNA testing with Dr. Melba Ketchum

Detroit Lakes Online: the Hunt for the Illusive Bigfoot

Despite the discovery of tens of thousands of new species each year around the world - albeit most are insects or molluscs - it's a wonder one lone order of hairy hominoids has eluded earnest dedicated searchers. Brian Wierima, who thinks Patty was filmed "running through a clearing in the forest" when Roger Patterson unlimbered his camera in 1967, had the opportunity to sit down with Bigfoot hunter ken Gerhard who describes his quest in some detail, including why no Bigfoot body has ever been found. And one of the most respected investigators of the Sasquatch question is spotlighted in the report Review: Dr. Jeff Meldrum Presents at Utah Valley University. Meanwhile, another North American cryptid is the subject of Dale Drinnon's report of Thunderbirds in Indiana where respondents have added new accounts of the large birds in the Hoosier State. And Drinnon offers a report from Japan's Yomiuri Shimbun that tells how a team from Tokyo University of Technology joined other researchers to document a 2nd Coelacanth Population Found off Tanzania Coast. Also, a new effort from a series he has been compiling leads Neil Arnold to release comments on The Subject of His New Book, while Nick Redfern laments that "breaking stories on sightings of big-cats, Bigfoot-style entities, werewolves, and unusual water-based beasts, on the Cannock Chase will be no more" due to the cessation of publishing an area newspaper revealed in The End Of An Era. Elsewhere, a collection of 15 of the World's Weirdest Museums includes Maine's International Cryptozoology Museum, now nestled in a new location in Portland and continuing under the able directorship of founder Loren Coleman.

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