Thursday, November 17, 2011

Watch these beautiful videos from Utah featuring an interview with two witnesses who had an encounter with Bigfoot [Video]

Skeptics are listening to claims that Bigfoot is real and that proof is on the horizon

William Jevning needs your help in uncovering government conspiracy to cover-up Bigfoot [Video]

'Letters From the Big Man' is a good movie for Pagans [Bigfoot Film]

This is why Matt Moneymaker is president of the BFRO and you're not

A Taos Terror Mysterious Universe
Nick Redfern reveals what a Taos, NM, resident reported to him over dinner in 2002 - the strange report of the dinner companion's 1997 trip into the nightime desert to view the stars, the growling approach of something large and menacing circling the man's truck and the appearance of an unlighted military helicopter that seemed bent on pursuing what the helicopter's switched on spotlight revealed as 'a seven-to-eight-foot-tall, hair covered creature that “looked just like what people say Bigfoot is.'" Did Redfern's amateur astronomer friend Salvador, intent on gazing at the stars from the New Mexico desert, gaze, instead, on a clandestine United States military effort to capture a Bigfoot? There's more possible Bigfoot news today in Lon Strickler's report that includes two eyewitness accounts of Possible Juvenile Bigfoot Sightings - Lackawanna Co. / Wayne Co., PA. And Dale Drinnon weighs in with a book review that may show what is claimed in the book is a misidentification, as indicated in the artwork included in Burunjor, an Aboriginal Tyrannosaurus? There's artwork featured in Dr. Karl Shuker's report today, too, and it's some very famous artwork seen in Gauguin's Magical Mystery Koao. Meanwhile, Mike Hallowell tells of a shocking apparition that has roots in stories from around the world, but for folks around South Tyneside in England it's known as The Bede Horseman. And, at Cryptomundo, the recent passing of the Sumatran guide who paved the path for the Centre for Fortean Zoology expeditions pursuing an elusive manlike creature of the rainforest is remembered in the video presentation of Sadar Dimus' 2009 Orang Pendek Encounter.

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