Tuesday, November 15, 2011

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Is DNA evidence enough to prove the existence of Bigfoot?

Matt Moneymaker says he's frightened of mountain lions [VIDEO]

TV producer vows to promise 'em Bigfoot, give 'em science

Witnesses saw possible juvenile Bigfoot jumping from one tree to another, near Mt. Cobb, PA

Utah Valley University Reviews Dr. Jeff Meldrum

While the claim was made during October's conference in Russia about the existence of large, hairy hominoids in the world's wilderness areas, it has cropped up again in various news reports about findings in the forests of Siberia, revisited in this report. Though the Yetis of Kemerovo, Siberia, have not been proven, tree twisters though they may be, not much proof of existence was required for park rangers in New Hampshire to put the clamps on a Bigfoot-costume-wearing man in 2009 while he was filming an amateur video in New Hampshire's Monadnock State Park, an event that led to the New Hampshire State Supreme Court and Jennifer Athas's biographical sketch of filmmaker Jonathan Doyle and his trials and tribulations put forth in A Big, Hairy Court Fight Erupts Over Bigfoot Shoot. There's also sad news today in the world of cryptozoology as a member of expeditions into the rainforests of Sumatra, most recently during the Centre for Fortean Zoology Sumatra Expedition 2011, has passed on. The memory of this expert and integral member of the team searching for the Orang Pendek is put forth in the words of expedition member Richard Freeman, Death of Cryptid Tracker Sahar Dimus, and expedition leader Adam Davies, Orang Pendek Tracker Has Died.

Finding Bigfoot: Our Extreme Animal Phobias

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