Monday, November 14, 2011

blogger's case against the existence of a North American ape, claims some people
believe Bigfoot is a giant sloth

Lindsay insists the Erickson Project's footage of Bigfoot will be released,
quotes Bigfoot sample smells like wild boar

Dr. Melba Ketchum requesting Larry Surface to remove night-vision footage of
Bigfoot from his website and others (Updated)

Surface responds to critics with enhance photo comparison of the 'Bigfoot' and

Video: Shocking Close Up of Bigfoot? Update Added Ghost Theory
Scott McMan presents a proprietary video captured on a
camera arranged to catch Bigfoot emerging from the woods. Apparently the
creature filmed didn't approach the camera from the angle southern Ohio resident
Larry Surface expected. Is this Bigfoot? While the new evidence of something
close to the camera in Ohio is making its rounds, a popular television program
that searches for the huge hairy hominoid has been on the scene at a fabled
location for those seeking Bigfoot answers, as seen in Steven Streufert's report
Finding Bigfoot All Over the Place in Willow Creek. And
another type of mystery creature is being addressed in the report of a sighting
over the summer on Scotland's storied Loch Ness, revealed in The Latest Nessie Sighting (August 2011) and in the report
from CFZ -New Zealand that asks if there is A New Zealand Lake Creature?

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