Thursday, October 13, 2011

Scientists in Siberia claim Bigfoot is real

Many articles have been written about last week's Russian conference about the wild hominoids many believe prowl the world's most forbidding landscapes. Vince Soodin went with the scientists and other researchers from around the world and contributes this article with some new accounts of human/hominoid interaction. Among the accounts related to Soodin: Canadian researcher John Bindernagel says film will be released later this year that shows one of the creatures near an Ohio home. One of the most respected researchers in the quest to solve the Bigfoot conundrum in North America, related, of course, to the Yeti search in Europe and Asia, was a participant in the Russian conference and provides some comments through Loren Coleman, even taking time to address some skeptical scorn from Benjamin Radford of Skeptical Inquirer, as seen in From Russia, With Love: Dr. Meldrum Comments. Meanwhile, the folks at CFZ Australia have some footage from the recent Sumatra Expedition that went in search of a mysterious apelike creature, as seen in Hunt for the Orang Pendek 2011 - the Video! Elsewhere, Manuel Navarette has the details of a September 30, 2011, experience in the Windy City that leaves investigators asking if the event was A Possible Mothman Sighting in Chicago, Illinois?

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