Monday, October 10, 2011

Bigfoot: unfound and unfounded

Richard Freeman, Zoological Director of the Centre for Fortean Zoology, was part of the recently concluded Sumatra Expedition 2011. The expedition was in search of signs of a creature long reported to roam the tightly-packed jungles of Sumatra, the undiscovered ape known to the Sumatrans as the Orang Pendek. Freeman explains the mission of the group and what it found in this entry, and his previous reports of the venture can be found in On the Trail of the Orang Pendek, Sumatra's Mystery Ape and Orang Pendek Quest Begins in Sumatra. Elsewhere, one of the arms of England's Centre for Fortean Zoology, CFZ - Canada, is looking for cryptid accounts from a sparsely settled area of the country, listing some of the creatures already reported to creep, crawl, swim and fly through the region in Manitoba Monsters. Meanwhile, Dr. Karl Shuker has all you ever wanted to know about a supposedly legendary beast, with many illustrations, in An Uncommonness of Unicorns as Loren Coleman updates the efforts to relocate his vast "collection of mysterious-creature artifacts" in CZ Museum Move Merits Maine Media and offers multiple images along with another refutation of George Cuvier's "Rash Dictum" with New African Antelope Discovered. Also, another Texas Blue Dog runs afoul of a man with a gun, as reported in Could This be a Chupacabra? Homeowner Thinks Animal He Shot Dead is Mythical Creature, and a 1977 incident in Pennsylvania echoes tales of the legendary Jersey Devil in the remembrance of The Beast of Bowman Hill.

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