Thursday, October 13, 2011

Sasquatch and the abominable forecaster

Bigfoot lives in 'Savage'

  1. Bigfoot - Myth or Reality?

    Technorati - Brett Hilarides - 10 hours ago
    Many names have been given to this creature such as bigfoot, yeti and sasquatch. This creature is usually described as a large, hairy human like creature ...
    Scientists in Siberia claim Bigfoot is realThe People Speak Out
    Russian Expedition leaves scientists feeling 95% that Sasquatch
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  2. How sure? They say they're 95 percent sure the mythical yeti ...

    Seattle Post Intelligencer (blog) - 1 hour ago
    That could mean big things for Seattle-area Bigfoot believers, who have been scoping out the ... But this news comes with a few Bigfoot-sized caveats. ...
  3. 'BigFoot' Sightings Reported in Salem - Aubry Bracco - 9 hours ago
    BigFoot is coming out of the woods, and he's looking for a little help from locals and tourists as he acclimates to the Witch City. ...

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