Sunday, October 09, 2011

Yeti expedition an abomination

A conference of international researchers who study the existence of a reported population of scattered wild manlike creatures officially came to a close in Tashtogol, Siberia, yesterday. With few reports from the scene, we turn to Russian reporter Lida Vasilevskaya for her commentary as she accompanied the researchers into the Siberian wilderness to visit a cave the Siberian Yeti had supposedly been recently frequenting. While much of the report is tongue in cheek, Vasilevskaya does pass along the words of Dr. Jeff Meldrum of Idaho State University and provide some photos from the Siberian site. Another very good report from someone who was not on the scene and treats the conference as though it has yet to occur, nonetheless provides some excellent background on the accounts of wildmen in the region of Tashtogol cave and scientific reactions, as seen in They Leave Behind Large Footprints. Radio Free Europe also put together a report on the conference and its attendees, as well as the Kemerovo area of Siberia the researchers visited, as seen in Siberian Yeti Conference Seeks Out Elusive Hominid. The North American version of the Siberian hominid has driven lots of investigators to search for proof, and among them at least one has become notorious. The reasons for the notoriety and the latest plans of the Bigfoot hunter in question are the subject of Loren Coleman's posting of information in SF Examiner Spotlights Biscardi. Meanwhile, Nick Redfern has polled his readers about the elusive North American creature and came up with results he says are as "intriguing as the Bigfoot puzzle itself" as can be seen in his report Monstrous Statistics!

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