Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Nick Redfern knows his way around some of the most mysterious tracts of ground in the world, sites like Cannock Chase, Rendlesham Forest and Loch Ness in the British Isles and Texas' Big Thicket in the United States. The sheer magnitude of strange creatures and weird events attributed to such sites leads Redfern to join others interested in such "hot-spots" in wondering if "certain parts of our planet act as portals or 'doorways' to other realms of existence (extra-dimensions, in other words), through which all of these strange creatures come as the mood takes them." Does Earth harbor zones where strange events and weird encounters are the rule and not the exception? Elsewhere, Jim Miles focuses creature comments onto the ocean off the coast of Georgia and on the waters of the state's Savannah River with Weird Georgia: Sea Serpents 3. Meanwhile, Loren Coleman reports the sad news of the passing of an important figure in the recording of Bigfoot footage, as seen in Connecticut Cougar Maps.

Yeti Institute Director, Igor Burtsev: Around 30 Yetis live in area of Kemerovo

Finding Bigfoot: Ohio Town Hall Meeting, Sharon Lee gives behind-the-scene detail of entire event

NatGeo: Russian Bigfoot

Erickson Project: Dr. Melba Ketchum backed out of Bigfoot DNA talk? (Updated)

Russian and American Yeti hunters join forces to track down '30-strong Siberian tribe'

Movie: Just discovered in the wild, the first poster for new Bigfoot film "The Lost Coast Tapes"

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