Thursday, October 06, 2011

The much talked about conference on the existence of elusive hominoids in the world's wilderness areas brought together many notable scientists and researchers in Moscow, Russia, yesterday. The international conference is the brainchild of Professor Igor Burtsaev, one of the world's leading authorities on the subject of these elusive creatures. Professor Burtsaev's comments on the creatures, certain to raise many eyebrows, are included in this report assembled by Loren Coleman. Also included is the schedule of speakers during the first day of the meeting and the subject of each address. Attendees flew out of Moscow yesterday bound for Tashtagol in Siberia where they will visit locations the Siberian version of the creatures is reputed to live. The Director of the Centre for Fortean Zoology in England, Jonathan Downes gives some background on the creatures in the broadcast via BBC News with Scientists Set Off to Find the Abominable Snowman. Other news of such creatures can be found today in the archived tales assembled at Weird Australia in The Wild Hairy Man of the Blue Mountains, and Dale Drinnon offers an image of a female Bigfoot in an illustration that pre-dates the famous Patty film of Patterson and Gimlin in The WHOLE Picture This Time. Meanwhile, Loren Coleman has the latest on a frightening encounter with a supposedly out-of-place feline in Illinois Mountain Lion Attack and shows what has Municipality Authority of Westmoreland County in Pennsylvania all adither in Beaver Run Has An Alligator. Elsewhere, bizarre history collector and commentator Dr. Beachcombing offers some thoughts on the Little People of myth and legend in Fairy Gifts.

Book Review-No Return by Pete Travers

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