Friday, October 07, 2011

Bigfoot Experts Gather in Siberia to Hunt for Hominids

Benjamin Grundy sits down with two of the new batch on the Fortean block, Greg Newkirk and Jason Gowin of Who Forted Blog, to talk about their foray into the world of esoteric subjects. The pair are also touting their new film "The Bigfoot Hunter" and you can watch the entertaining trailer for the film before either downloading the podcast or listening online. And the Who Forted Blog shows up, again, as the group's creators, Greg and Dana Newkirk, chat with fellow Fortean Tony Morill during an Interview With Some Forteans (No Garlic Required). There's also news about the man all Forteans look to for inspiration in their efforts to explain the anomalous and bizarre, as Robbie Graham releases information about an upcoming Hollywood production in Charles Fort: The Movie!

The meeting of researchers from around the world to consider evidence of the existence of manlike creatures in the planet's out-of-the-way places continues in Tashtagol, Siberia, and should run through the weekend. But, while the scientists continue to compare notes, there are those who don't think too highly of the effort, as can be seen in a blast thrown the way of the organizer of the conference and the news organizations which dared mention the Russian meeting, posted by human evolution specialist Darren Curnoe of Australia's University of New South Wales in Media Puts Its Bigfoot in It Yeti Again: It’s Abominable. And Southern Fried Scientist, a graduate student in North Carolina, adds his condemnation of the entire field that seeks unknown animals with I *Heart* Cryptozoology. Fortunately for the field of cryptozoology, Matthew J. Didier sits in at CFZ-Canada to provide a rebuttal to the naysayers, in general, as seen in Can You Satiate The Pseudo Sceptics?

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