Monday, October 03, 2011

New photographs have surfaced claiming to have captured the countenance of a Russian Bigfoot. According to, the photos were taken by tourists. The report, collected for Cryptomundo by Craig Woolheater, also links to an article calling for a price of a million rubles on the Russian Sasquatch's head for a gunman willing to risk killing one. Meanwhile, there have been continuing reports of a Bigfoot-like creature in Siberia, the North Caucasus mountains and the Altai Range, leading to an upcoming conference which will see a gathering of experts on the subject of huge, hairy hominoids lurking through the wilderness, as described by Nina Dmitriyeva in W(est) Siberia Yeti Country? Elsewhere, a Nevada County, CA, expedition to pan for gold in 1997 has led to an obsession with finding North America's most famous cryptid for William Barnes. Barnes has plans to search for the creature with a stealthy airborne platform, and his ideas are revealed in the report St. George Man Searches for Bigfoot. Also, high tech gear has come to the search for the Yeti, as reported in Scientists Install Webcam On Mt Everest.

Crush on a Yeti

Finding Cody

Scientists from Seven Countries Gather in Russia to Discuss Yeti

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