Saturday, May 31, 2014

This list by Discovery is just a remix/rehash of the most popular skeptics' questions concerning the very existence of Bigfoot and honestly, we're more than tired of hearing it. There are no skeletons, no fossils, no bodies live or dead, etc etc. The biggest problem with this list and others like it is that the skeptics fail to take into consideration the evidence that we dohave. What about Bigfoot vocalizations recorded in several different locations by different people at different times, from the mid-1970s through the present? How about the best of the best examples of Bigfoot footprints, like this collection found in 2013 and considered by BIgfoot researcher, Cliff Barackman to be the "most significant footprint found in the last 40 years"? And how about that much-maligned Sasquatch Genome Projectheaded by Dr. Melba Ketchum? The results were muddled and inconclusive but still intriguing and also opened the door for further DNA studies by other projects. There's also the work of David Paulides to consider even though he never claims outright the mysterious disappearance of thousands of people in our National Parks are related to Sasquatch. After reading his research, it's impossible not to come to that conclusion, however. Bigfoot research is still very much an open book in which the final chapter has not yet been written.

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