Saturday, May 31, 2014

Linda Godfrey conducts interviews and an investigation of the latest sightings of Bigfoot in Wisconsin, spotted by two eyewitnesses. Her investigation is no-nonsense and there's no yelling or banging on trees, just old-fashioned interviewing. It's refreshing and it doesn't even matter that there's no actual footage of Bigfoot. Meanwhile, Karl Shuker tells us about the small yet potent unfriendly little cryptid insect that's Just itching to meet you-the Muhnochwa or Indian scratch monster from India. Rumored to cause pretty severe wounds and itching on the skin of anyone who gets too close, the tiny creature Schizodactylus monstrosus was moved from the Maybe category to the Definitely Does Exist category when a live one was discovered in 2002. And no, it did not leave up to its painful MO, it simply caused a mid rash...Another cryptid that does real damage is the elusive chupacabras and Who Forted shows us the aftermath of what happens when a Hero dog saves family from chupacabras in North Carolina. The strange creature howled at night, nabbed some sheep and left a few cows with bloodied ears. Chupacabra-like, sure, but it's also the behavior of coyotes, the population of which has exploded in the southern US in recent years. No matter what the dog's owner thinks, the photos tell the true story-it's yet another unfortunate coyote with mange.