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News Updates 6-6-14

Eruption of Mount St. Helens Gives Clues to Bigfoot Migration

A New Willow Creek Trailer
Critics Love Willow Creek
What is Behind the Freaky Sounds in This Willow Creek Exclusive Clip?
The Unethical and Potential Dangers of Bigfoot Baiting – Part 2
Did you catch this program on the Discovery channel on Sunday about the nine college students who perished mysteriously on a remote Russian mountainside in 1959? This “documentary” suggested they were killed by a Yeti, and presented as evidence a photo of an "unknown creature" taken by the group the day before they were killed as well as a photo of some large footprints. We were not impressed and neither were most knowledgeable viewers, some of whom compared the program to Discovery’s previous effort in yellow journalism, it’s show on mermaids. Trouble is, most people don’t know enough to know better. We think the title of Daniel Loxton’s review of the show says it all: The Profound Awfulness Of Discovery’s Russian Yeti: The Killer Lives. Shame on you, Discovery Channel.

We aren't anywhere near convinced this is Bigfoot we're looking at on this video, in fact he looks a lot like a tree stump in some parts of this video, but at least it's a somewhat clear video and and shot a lot closer than we'd care to get if we thought we'd spotted Bigfoot hanging out in the woods with us. (A reader points out: "At around 1:20 right before he pans up to the broken tree and says, "Another one right there", there is a tall dark figure down the hill moving to the right. It's to the left of this broken tree.") Meanwhile, in Kuala Lumpur (Puchong) a man reports 4 unusually large, humanoid footprints appearing in his yard. At first we thought the photo showed a joke image but no, that's a photo of one of the alleged "Bigfoot" prints...apparently, Bigfoot in that part of the world takes cartoon form...Sometimes cryptid creatures pop up in the most unlikely of places, such as an interview with former 80s pop star Rick Springfield. Yep, NPR chats with Rick Springfield about his Divorce, God And The Loch Ness Monster, which is part of the plot of an upcoming novel he's just written.

We here at the Anomalist join Loren Coleman and many others mourning the loss of one of the original and well-respected Bigfoot researchers, Philip Spencer.

We've heard of guerrilla skeptics, but this is ridiculous! A drive-by shooting of Bigfoot Books in Willow Creek, California struck a nerve with Loren Coleman. Proprietor Steven Streufert has plenty to say about the incident, giving more ammunition to the argument of the "loyal opposition" not being as reasonable as their beloved positivism. No less dangerous is the latest addition to Linda Godfrey's files: An Alberta Nipper. Something's lurking amidst the oil sands outside of Fort McMurray considering the sheer detail provided by the eyewitness. Similarly curious are a pair of Underwater Webcam Photos uncovered by Glasgow Boy, by way of Jay Cooney, making GB wonder, "Where's the rest of the body?" From eyewitness accounts, to photographic evidence, we turn to something more substantial regarding our favorite hominin. After being stolen by J.W. Burns seventy five years ago, a Sasquatch Artifact Returned To First Nations. Taking a gander at the mask, the chilling semblance to African ape and monkey faces suggest something more than myth inspired the Sts’ailes tribe.

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