Monday, March 04, 2013

Bigfoot, Richard III, And Outsider Science Andrew May's Forteana Blog
Andrew May loves forteana, you might say it's in his genes. At first glance, his argument is for giving credit where credit is due with discoveries. The deeper subtext given is oversight by professional scientists isn't necessary for a successful investigation. Since Dr. May raised the spectre of Bigfoot, Bud Phillips covers the history when A Bigfoot Sighted Near Bristol Began A Reign Of Terror in anomalous Appalachia after the War of Northern Aggression. Of course, don't take every headline at face value. Case in point, Letitia Atkinson's piece on Tauranga's 'Bigfoot' Spotted In Valley on some rare specimens, known to science, dwelling in New Zealand. Over on the mainland, countless gum trees have been devastated by weevils over the years. Question at hand is why are these Mystery Predators so active in Monaro when the weevils exist in other areas of Australia?

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