Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Author Kirk Sigurdson on Radio Show Inspired by Bigfoot

This "troll" could be anything, really. In fact, it's one of the best examples of blobsquatch we've ever seen. Perhaps it's a blobtroll imitating a blobsquatch? Either way, the image is way too indistinct and blurry to figure out. Still, if we'd spotted this thing at night we wouldn't stop and ask for ID; we'd be hightailing it back to the campsite and the flimsy safety of the tent and campfire. However, we'd much rather deal with a possible troll than an encounter with a giant spider as described by Julian Thomas Duguid, an explorer who published his adventures in a book calledGreen Hell. The spider was the size of a kitten. A kitten.Ghosts & Spiders: M.R. James, Green Hell, and a giant spider.

What's the most logical thing to do when your mother in law calls you hysterical with fear to report a Bigfoot stealing her chickens? Why, collecting the hair hung up in the fence and selling it on eBay, of course! Meanwhile, Nick Redfern is considering the theory of another sort of A Monster Brought to Life --the giant black dog, an infamous spectre in countless paranormal legends throughout the UK. He speculates that perhaps smugglers brought huge Newfoundland dogs along with them when they came ashore, and when frightened villagers reported seeing giant black dogs with glowing red eyes, the smugglers took full advantage of the exaggerated legend to cover their own tracks and keep their stolen treasure safe. Like Redfern, we think that maybe that explanation is responsible for a few of the encounters but it'd take a whole lot of smugglers with a huge cargo of large black dogs to pull that off.

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