Friday, March 08, 2013

Pamphlet Review: Sasquatch Field Guide by Dr. Jeff Meldrum

This short but informative booklet/pamphlet, clocking in at only 10 pages, gives a basic primer for the Sasquatch field researcher as to how to recognize footprints; distinguishing between bear, human and Sasquatch tracks; how to cast a track and what materials to carry to do just that (Meldrum gives a list of things to take into the field for casting, but says if you cannot carry a long list of materials to cast tracks, you can use a can of minimally-expanding insulating foam and a few pieces of cardboard); how to distinguish a standing bear from a human and Sasquatch; how to recognize different sounds and other important tips and advice. He also describes different areas that would be the most likely to have activity, and also answers to the best of his ability why bones of the Sasquatch are almost never found. This booklet only costs $7.95 and is laminated, designed to be waterproof and to be carried in a backpack or a back pocket or jacket pocket. It is available at Amazon and also And the only rating I can put on it is a perfect 10!!!!!!

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