Sunday, November 25, 2012

Bigfoot Is A Big Part Of Kennewick Author’s Life

By Erick Peterson
The Sasquatch people have yet
to endorse a presidential candidate,
according to 69-year-old
Thom Cantrall, founder of the
International Society for Primal
People and author of the book
“Sasquatch: The Living
Sasquatch, also
known as Bigfoot, are
legendary humanlike
forest creatures.
Though many people
doubt their existence,
people like Cantrall
are firm believers.
Cantrall says Sasquatch
live in hiding
around the world,
only exposing themselves
to people who are ready to
see them.
“These creatures will never
ask more of you than you are
willing to give. If all you can
handle is a roadside sighting
in the middle of the night
while you are driving, that’s what
you will get,” said the 69-year-old
Kennewick man.
Over the years, Cantrall claims
to have had many close encounters
with the creatures, and says he has
both spoken with them and learned
from them.
He said that we are entering
into an important time in history
in which we have the ability to
destroy the human race through
ways other than war. Through
over-consumption we are making
the world’s great predators, like
sharks, extinct, he said.
These extinctions ripple their
way through the food chain, causing
harm to the environment.
For this reason, according to
Cantrall, the Sasquatch wish to
give us a lesson in respect —“respect
for ourselves, respect for
them, respect for others and respect
for the planet.”
“Believe me, the world would
be a much better place if respect
were shown,” he said.
“Look at what our politics have
done over the last 20 or 30 years.
It’s absolutely vicious now. Truth
has been thrown out the window
in favor of how we can embarrass
the other person.”
He argues that both Republicans
and Democrats are guilty of this
disrespect, and that few politicians
seem interested in trying to solve
He founded the International
Society for Primal People two
years ago and claims to have 100
members from around the world
in countries including Russia,
Finland and Germany who keep in
touch through email and Facebook.
Virtually every member in the society has
seen the creature, C a n t r a l l s a i d , a n d
t h e others have seen some traces of
Sasquatch. They discuss evidence
and sightings, and have developed
their understanding of the
Cantrall said that Sasquatch are
complex beings that share human
evolutionary roots. Their path
diverged from our own around
30,000 to 35,000 years ago, he
said, and they have developed
telepathic powers that our species
has generally lost.
He says they are able to communicate
mind to mind, without
speech, which is how they have
chosen to speak with him. But first,
he had to prepare his mind for this
He read magazines and began
to learn about Sasquatch sightings
when he was a teenager. Tales of
loggers and their encounters with
Sasquatch captivated his imagination.
–––Cont. from pg. 3
So when he started working in
the logging industry, he was ready
to see evidence. And, fortunately
for him,he soon came across tracks in
the snow. Later, he saw distant
glimpses of Sasquatch, which he 
describes as hairy, 9-foot-tall
His sightings, he said, became
closer and closer until he reached
a point where he befriended the
The book “Sasquatch:
The Living Legend”
looks at evidence for
 the existence of Sasquatch.
Cantrall, who eventually ran his own logging company, became
a student of a variety of Sasquatch that he calls “the Ancient
Ones” — a group of Sasquatch that look a little more
human-like than the others. Still large, they are not quite as hairy as
the average Sasquatch, he explained.
He said they taught him about their societies, which he describes as 
groups of people who have language, rituals and humor but no
possessions or houses as we do.
Cantrall has heard reports of sightings on the Yakima River
delta, between Richland and Kennewick and up the Yakima River
in different locations. He said that there also are Sasquatch
communities in near Rimrock and Bumping lakes.
Cantrall said that his contacts with the Sasquatch have been some
of the most rewarding of his life.
Simply hearing the creature’s deep, rumbling laugh fills him with joy,
he said. “You’ve never been laughed at until you’ve had a 9-foot-tall
Sasquatch laugh at you.”

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