Thursday, November 29, 2012

Dr. Jeff Meldrum Responds to Melba Ketchum's TV Interview

Not all crypto discoveries are outlandish, some of them have unexpected characteristics that laity would take for granted without a second thought. So goes for this new species and George Dvorsky has the scoop. As a companion piece to Sunday's look at 'weird war', Micah Hanks runs downVietnam And High (Humanoid) Strangeness In Wartime where there was more to be frightened of than Charlie. From the sweltering depths of southeast Asian jungles to the bleak, antarctic reaches, an ancient frozen body of water gives hope for life on Europa and beyond as this Antarctic Lake Find Pushes Known Boundaries Of What Life Can Endure. Around more familiar waters, Glasgow Boy discusses The Marks Of Honesty And Deceit when it comes to the character of Nessie photo hoaxers. Finally could a critter be so rare it might be mistaken as a new species? This is the question raised about a report of 'Mysterious Animal' Attacking Borneo Villagers. There is a carcass but no one has been able to identify it. Some skepitcs claim it's an Indonesian stink badger without having examined the remains, leaving its identity up in the air. Meanwhile, honeybadger don't care.

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