Saturday, December 01, 2012

Ohio Bigfoot? Bigfoot Evidence
Missy C. wrote in to the gang at BE, sharing a brief video of a sasquatch sighting in Ohio. We'd like to see the full video without repetition of the money shot. The Blair Witch ending does feel a bit contrived. For further erudation on this topic, Loren Coleman provides a short but ever-so handy video proclaiming Bigfoot Exists, If They Exist! If they do exist, possibly, then how will we communicate with these brutes? Henry Paterson has part two of his Speaking Bigfoot articles. Included here is Scott Nelson's Sasquatch Phonetic Alphabet with a video presentation on their language from the Primal People's Conference. Also making waves in hairy hominid circles is the kerfuffle surrounding Melba Ketchum's preliminary announcement. What forteans are curious about are the nature of the samples. Good news, everyone! Robert Lindsay has The List Of Samples Sent To Dr. Melba Ketchum and the quantities. Rounding out our hairy section, MK Davis Discusses The Lips Of The Patterson Subject. New enhanced video is suggestive of a connection between humans and Bigfoot.

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